Life is better with butter

Kori (aka "Koko") lives in the Big Apple with her husband, John, son, Leo, and their mini Australian shepherd, Atlas. Since a very young age, Kori has had a life long obsession for butter hence the name of the blog. She's passionate about healthy eating and wants to share with the world some of her favorite nutrient packed recipes. 

Why did you start this blog? After being diagnosed with a gluten allergy six years ago, the connection between feeling great and eating the right food was never more clear. With the loving support of her husband, Kori turned their kitchen upside down (throwing nearly everything out to John's horror!), ordered endless copies of healthy cooking books on Amazon, and went on a quest to figure out how to incorporate the most nutrient dense food into their daily life. After endless requests from family and friends to "send them that recipe!" - we decided to put all our favorite recipes in one place!

So what kind of food is this blog focused on? It's not any one specific diet! It's all about maximizing nutrient density - lots of veggies, healthy fats, pasture-raised meats, wild seafood (lots of shellfish for Kori / less for John!) and the occasional in-season fruits

What do we avoid? Grains, refined sugars, legumes, and a limited amount of dairy  (except for butter of course!!!)

Where did you learn how to cook? Lots of trial and error. We've always enjoyed cooking, but it wasn't until discovering my gluten allergy that we took a more proactive approach to cooking after too many experiences ordering take-out only later to discover that there was accidentally gluten in something (ugh!).  To be clear, we are certainly NOT professional cooks by any means. We both have busy and time-consuming jobs in finance, so this is strictly a side hobby to help share with family & friends some of our favorite nutrient dense recipes.

Are all the recipes original? NO! Almost all of the recipes are either family recipes or recipes I’ve found in cookbooks or from online food blogs that I’ve tweaked to make healthier and also provide enough food for leftovers!


butter | \ˈbə-tər\

A solid emulsion of fat globules, air, and water made by churning milk or cream and used as food

ORIGIN Old English butere, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch boter and German Butter, based on Latin butyrum, from Greek bouturon ‘cow cheese.’