John's Breadcrumbs

I was having a bad day at the office, and my husband offered to whip up one of my favorite meals -- chicken parm. When I came home, I realized he also created his own breadcrumb recipe that we now use as a base for anything fried!

A great base for chicken, veal or fish. I use this breadcrumb recipe to make chicken parm or fish (that my husband has just caught from our house in the North Fork!) but is super versatile and is an easy way to make a boring protein -- not boring. I use the below recipe along with a generous heaping of coconut oil or ghee to fry my protein of choice in. 

Makes breadcrumbs for ~1 lb of protein


Breadcrumb instructions:

  • Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl

Instructions to make the breaded protein:

  • Make sure to pat the protein of choice so it's dry
  • Then set up a station of two plates
  • Scramble 1 egg per lb of protein in one of the plates
  • Add the breadcrumb recipe to the other plate
  • Dip the protein in the eggs and let any extra fall off
  • Then cover and pat the protein into the breadcrumb mixture
  • Gently add to a large saucepan of coconut oil or ghee. For fish, the time will depend on how thick it is. A thin piece of fish might only take a few minutes! And make sure there's enough coconut oil / ghee in the pan because life is always better with butter :)