Venita's Easy Crispy Bacon

Venita's Easy Crispy Bacon

A few years ago, my sister Venita introduced me to the hands down easiest way to cook bacon. After perfecting bacon this way, and not having to deal with the splatter, dirty pans and burnt bacon, I've never gone back! It takes a bit more time than cooking in a pan, but it's so much easier. I guarantee you'll never cook bacon in a pan again after this!

Prep time: 2 min
Cook time: 15-20 min


  • Bacon


  1. Place bacon on a baking sheet covered with parchment (use a sheet with a rim so the oil doesn't drip off). You can also use a wire rack here so the fat drips off, but I like the bacon to cook in its fat
  2. Place bacon in a cold oven
  3. Set oven temperature to 400 degrees and set timer for 15 minutes. The key is that the bacon cooks as the oven warms up. Thicker bacon might need longer, (maybe 20 minutes?), so cook until crispy to your liking
  4. Remove bacon from the oven and place bacon on plate with a paper towel to catch any leftover fat
  5. Serve and enjoy!